SPOTLIGHT: Rupert Annuals

Early copies of the beloved bear

St Mary’s Books have just had a run of very good condition Rupert the Bear Annuals from the 1940s!

More Adventures of Rupert, 1947

Contents include: Rupert and the Top Hat; Rupert and the Black Cat; Rupert and the Young Dragon; Rupert, Bill and the Merboy; Rupert and the Paper Kettle; How To Make A Paper Kettle; Rupert and the Woffle-Fly; Rupert and Koko; Rupert and the Wavy Wand; Rupert’s Christmas Tree

The New Rupert Book, 1946

Contents include: Rupert on Coon Island; Rupert and ‘Rastus; Rupert and the Blue Mountain; Rupert and the Prince of Chinal Rupert, Beppo and the Duck; Rupert and Podgy; Rupert and the Rocket Plane; Rupert and Bingo; Rupert and the Magic Dart; Making A Paper Bird.

Rupert, 1949

Contents include: Rupert and Ninky; Rupert and the Young Imp; Rupert’s Magic Top; Rupert’s Island Adventure; How To Make Rupert’s Boat; Rupert and Uncle Grizzly; Rupert and the Twins; Rupert and the New Pal; Rupert, Algy and the Bee; Rupert and Pong-Ping’s Party.

The New Rupert Book, 1948

Contents include: Rupert and Jack Frost; Rupert and the Blue Balloon; Rupert and the Magic Sock; Rupert and the Sleepy Pears; Rupert and Rosalie; Rupert and the Rainbow; Rupert’s Puppy Hunt; Rupert and Cedric; Rupert and the Hobby-Horse; How To Make A Hobby-Horse.

A New Rupert Book, 1945

Contents include: Rupert and the Reindeer; Rupert and the Cuckoo; Rupert and the Turnips; Rupert and Jock; Rupert and Willie; Rupert’s Fairy Cycle; Rupert and the Music Man; Rupert’s Winter Journey; Rupert and Bingo’s Trail.

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