David Hockney: My Window

My Window

Over the last few months, confined to our homes to keep us safe from the coronavirus pandemic, we have spent a lot of time looking out of our windows at the same view as the seasons pass.

Somewhat presciently, then, David Hockney’s latest book for TASCHEN, My Window, contains 120 drawings of the view from his window. Drawn on his iPhone and iPad, these drawings show the ebb and flow of the seasons outside the iconic artist’s window.

David Hockney told TASCHEN for the publication of My Window:

“My window describes flowers and the sunrise in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

“I started on the iPhone in 2009. There was great advantage in this medium because it’s backlit and I could draw in the dark. I didn’t ever have to get out of bed. Everything I needed was on the iPhone.

“From about April to August when the sun is in the north, if I didn’t pull the curtains or lower the venetian blind down, the sun would wake me up — at about 4h30 am on 21st June. I would never have thought to do a sunrise without the iPhone.

“My friend John would put different flowers there every two or three days. I drew on the iPhone with my thumb, but when the iPad came out in 2010 I immediately got one from California, probably the first one in Bridlington. Ever since I’ve used the iPad, as I could draw with a stylus and get more details in.”

The book is a limited edition, with only 1,000 printed — definitely one to position in the back of your Zoom meetings to show off your collection of high-class art books. It is the younger, smaller sibling to another David Hockney book produced by TASCHEN, aptly called ‘A Bigger Book’, which is sumo-sized and comes with its own stand.

Learn more about David Hockney: My Window by TASCHEN on our website here

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